Horses? Perhaps a fourth unit...

edited May 2017 in Suggestions
My idea is to add horses as a fourth unit to purchase at the crystal. These horses would be able to be linked to a certain Bricktron (knights or workers).

If linked to a knight, it would add a more powerful attack, bucking perhaps, that would send Corruptrons flying.
If linked to a worker, it provides an extra carrying ability so that workers can transport more materials.

The reason I did not include archers as an option for linking is that I was originally thinking it would be able to move while the archer simultaneously shot arrows, but upon further inspection, this seems way too over-powered as the Corruptrons would follow the horse archer and never catch it.

I think this feature would be really cool to see in the game, but it may need tweaking.

I just saw that someone has already suggested horses, but still.
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