5 things that should be included in Castle story

Hi people!!
OK so I've come up with 5 ideas with friends, that would make the game so much better and advanced!!

1 - water and craft able boats which are made similarly to how you make castles; idea by danug4

2 - caves, different levels under other land masses!!

3 - horse riders with low health but can 1 shot mini and wall climber corruptions; idea by TeddyHy

4 - corruptions can build their own castles in conquest, this shouldn't be that hard to code, i'm still learning to program, but if these guys have mastered blueprints following the players command then certainly its possible to have corruptions make random or already planned castles of their own. This would the game so much more interesting!! Corruptions would have to harvest materials just like you and make the game more equal to both sides. This is the main idea i have!!

5 - disasters, so there would be like floods near lakes if lakes are included, cyclones and fires, make the game more challenging!! Maybe a boss corruption would come from a meteor from a disaster! near wave 20 or something on invasion!

Well there you are, five ideas. if your a creator of the game, please, please, put these ideas in the game, that would be awesome.
#this is one of the best games I've played ever!!

Hope you liked my ideas and you can build on them if you want!!

I have a you tube channel LNOyoutuber, so go check it out and request Castle story to me if you want me to play it or further explain my ideas!!


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