Issue with/Suggestion for quarries

So my big idea was to create a quarry and create a building over it to put my stockpile in. It would've hidden the quarry and looked nice. Problem: the ever-so-stupid bricktrons assigned to quarry work will climb my building and mine anything that's over the quarry namely: all my floors, beams and stuff. They even mined their own stairs out a few times but I guess this is another issue. So it's basically impossible to build anything over and active quarry.

Anyway, I don't know if it's more of a bug or something, but my suggestion is to basically have bricktrons only mine stuff in quarries below ground level or something.


  • The same problem. I dig around the crystal and after tunnel under it. So its impossible to take it jaja. But if I build a stair they broke it. And it is lot of block upper. So I have to dig and tunnel and after tnat build anything
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