Why catpult has to be op again

Yeah, i know that i speak too mich about catpul.
But with the new, i don't use it. It's too much time for very little damage, and more important: little destruction (or nothing).
Now the catpult not broke a block!
And because of this its not used, and the orange cristals acumulated in stockpiles.
Because you can extract a lot of it and only use a few torchs to have vision. Or for decoration, and even this, I has a lot of this cristals. If the catpult come back to normality, we can use that cristals and have some "reward" for the time used to charge, aim, shoot, and reload. And! That brickton than we lose for construction or recolect more orange cristals!
Also its too fun see that tower with a lot of archer that we make for one hour, kiss the ground for some explosives in his base!
Jaja! Poor brickston!
That its!

PD: there's somebody? I feel alone here:c
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