Vertical stairs or scaffolding for buildings

Something that has always bothered me when I have been building in Castle Story is having to go up stairs for the Bicktrons to reach the blueprints position.

In addition, despite wanting to use stairs to build, in most cases, reaching certain places is not possible without having to rebuild certain sites of your construction.

So my proposal is to make a type of block similar to vertical stairs or scaffolds (of wood, for example) that allow the Bicktrons to build being in them.

I know it can be achieved with the current stairs but it is somewhat tedious and unintuitive, since they have a very "robust" appearance and do not seem to be used for construction.

I think that vertical stairs that occupy only a space of 1x1x1 would be something magnificent.

Still, what would be even more ideal would be that the Briktrons themselves would build those vertical stairs, though that seems to be asking too much.

Thanks for your attention!


  • I 100% agree with the scaffolding idea and feel that it would improve the feel of the game. Also by verticle stairs do you mean a ladder?
  • This would be very handy.
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