about my castle

I have been playing the game for a while but didn't have time to post it here in time sorry
I just want to help the development with sending the crash logs to you
this version I play with "v0.8.1b.2dae" so maybe you fixed some of them I don't know but if you spot something new you can look into it maybe..

I'm also uploaded and attached the save file you can check my castle if you want :smile: (its laggy) played it so long..
I checked the save file with latest version too but looks like it still lags.. anyway I hope you will be happy to see this like how I happy to share it with you :smile:

thanks! ^ ^


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey Platoon, that's an awesome castle. :)

    How come you're playing 0.8.1? We're on 0.8.3 now - you should definitely update. :)
  • well I'm updated and made a new game, look what are they trying to do.. I think this is a problem:

    need AI overhaul man
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    What am I looking at? The Corruptrons trying to dig their way into your castle?
  • Yeap they avoid my walls and digging directly into crystall, its a official map so I'm not sure whats the problem.. they prefer shortcut instead my wall defance..not a big deal but still..
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Ahh I see what you mean, that's an intended system at the moment.

    It's very, very difficult for us to dictate where/which bricks/elements the Corruptron should attack.
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