Bricktron equipment

I have seen your last stream. Nice things you promised us.
About the fact that bricktrons could switch their equipment to become archer / knight:
Do you plan to make several roles (archers, knights ...) with a whole equipment set each ?
... or ...
Each outfit/weapon has a role and they can be composed (helmet=more health, archer's hat=more LOS). Currently, they are only a few objects and three object emplacements (right hand, left hand, hat), but that could lead to:
- a bricktron with only a sword (faster, cannot block)
- a knight without shield (a bit faster, cannot block)
- an archer with a helmet (slower, more health, less LOS)
- etc.
And then add more objects.


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey TTTV,

    The helmet already gives the Bricktron more defense, same for the shield. The cap (archer's feathered hat) gives more LOS. Your guesses are spot on, haha.

    For 0.9, it's very likely that you can only have "partially complete" sets. So you can tell a Bricktron to just grab a sword and run into the fray. He'll be considered a Knight (because he has a Knight's element), he'll be able to hit with the sword, but he'll have lower defense and no stamina (blue) bar.

    Same thing for archery. A Bricktron will likely be able to grab a bow and fire away, but less far than if he had a cap.

    However, for 0.9, it's very unlikely that they'll be able to mix and match. So an archer with a knight's helmet is probably not going to be supported for the next update.

    I keep saying "likely" because we're still in development and we're playtesting internally with what feels best, so things might change, but right now, that's the line we're walking on.

    Hope that clarifies things. :)
  • Nice! :)
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