Capture Wards

I just want to say that this idea is bad and I don't like it. I don't like wards in general but I hate capture ward the most. Capturing shards with army was better, you said that you want to minimise micro management. But managing all those stupid wards and connections between them is a micro managament. Expanded a lot.

I suggest to bring back capturing shards by knights and archers.


  • I agree that capture wards seem rather tedious to use, and I am not fond of having these light highways on the map, or having to protect hundreds of weak things from sneaky knights.
    But capturewards are still in early-testing, so I expect these issued to be solved by the time it will be released.
    I'd rather have all the wards bigger (2x2 instead of 1x1), more expensive, but more efficient and waaay more resistant. For instance, the proxy wards, should have way more range, the shooting wards do more damages and the capture wards have more health. Currently they seem very weak and useless.

    Currently, taking points is "too easy" for this kind of game, it kinda rewards rushing and makes a focus on footmen fights instead of castle fights. Capturewards may be a solution.
    Also, I'd like to give them a try.
    Only my opinion, though.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey guys, thanks for the input.

    We're playtesting internally and you guys will have a chance to play with it. Give it a chance - if after playing it the majority isn't a fan of it, we'll look into it. :)

    It can be difficult to accurately judge a feature's design without having a chance to playtest it properly.

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