Iron block

As an hour of building it with you can build with stone or iron, and could have been 3x / 2x sturdier than a stone but cost 10 iron to make each.
I hope you do, because it would be very cool :smile:


  • This is a really good one, I had it on my own. Also a brimstone-brick would be cool.

    But I think each brick should consist of 20 debids iron/brimstone,just as with the stone bricks.
  • NekobiNekobi Member
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    Why would you need brimstone blocks? There are already torches and explosive barrels.

    Also for the iron blocks, we may have too much iron that we don't use at all, but 20 iron for 4 iron bricks... We couldn't build any big things with it.
    Or the iron rarity should be changed a lot for building with iron.

    I have another idea too, why not adding iron beams? Like the wooden beams, but that can support longer beams than the wooden ones.
  • ForgetaboutmeForgetaboutme Member
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    Nekobi said:

    Why would you need brimstone blocks? There are already torches and explosive barrels.

    What has a brick to do with a torch or a barrel? ;) Besides any difference in durability or any other characteristic an iron/brimstone brick would be nothing more than a building material, just in a different color.

    As for the costs... In how many bricks would a stockpile full of iron convert ?!
    Since one voxel equals 10 pieces of rock or anything else, and one stockpile equals 8 voxels, an iron brick for example would equal 20 pieces of iron. Especially because a stockpile can't bear more than 4 bricks.

    Anyway, I like any idea of iron/brimstone building material! :)

  • NekobiNekobi Member
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    I don't know, I thought you wanted a glowing brick or something like that xD
    If it's just for decoration it's ok, but it's still very costly, even with the current sandbox mode...

    Oops, I meant 20 iron for a brick*, like the rock bricks. 20 iron for 4 bricks would be really cheap.

    But I don't think that devs are going to make brimstone a building material, it doesn't seem logic... Like you won't build a castle with glowing / explosive / useful-for-items-only crystals, in my opinion
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    How about instead of bricks, the iron can be used to make iron plates to put on the outside of stone bricks, and they are 1/4 the thickness of a brick. I would leave the cost to the devs. These could be more explosion resistant and have more health against corruptrons.
  • kuzynnkuzynn Member
    Please do not turn Castle Story into Minecraft.
    Iron should be used in more types of weapons/constructions not blocks.
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