Lazy bricktrons in landscaping task

Sometimes a bricktron in a landscaping task stop working. The only way to get him back to work is to remove it from the task and order him back to it.
I have no idea why it happens, though it happens very often.


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hmm, thanks TTTV. If you've got a savefile ,that will help.
  • Here you go.
    You will find in this save file all the bugs I have reported recently.
    I must warn you though that it may lag.
    For the landscaping task, you'll see an "aztec stair" in front of my main wall. It was done through successive landscape tasks (each one being translated one voxel away from the castle and one voxel down). And it is during these tasks that I found this bug.
    Not sure it is meaningful, but i recall that it occurred while only one bricktron was working on it.

    Some other notes about that:
    - the landscape area cannot be large enough to do it in only one task, not a big problem, but something that occurs each time I want to dig a trench on a choke,
    - the landscape area cannot be one-voxel large, which I'd like to in order to make slowing trenches for the corruptrons
    - while enlarging a landscaping area, I have no visual feedbacks (yellow lines) in real-time, while when moving it I have and find it really useful,
    - I cannot move such an area for just one voxel, I have to move it two voxels away, then reduce it,
    - the "dig all" action gets down two voxels, I'd prefer it to be one voxel,
    Maybe it is just me, being a clumsy beginner.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Thanks, I'll send this to QA.
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