Disappearing corruptrons

Some corruptrons
use black magic and get stuck in surprising place. On the picture below, you'll see that 2 corruptrons are stuck, one in the middle of the screen. Unfortunately I didn't found the other one.


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Thanks TTTV, I think that's the same issue with Bricktrons getting stuck underground. I'll report it to QA anyhow.
  • I just wanted to add that I've experienced both problems (the same problem?). In some cases, corruptrons get stuck inside build blocks, and in other cases, they get stuck when attempting to tunnel through the ground to get to my crystal.

    In addition, I've experienced corruptrons which aren't stuck, but are completely invisible. Sometimes they become visible again, other times they stay invisible and my units take damage but cannot attack back.
  • Yes I think that it is the same problem.
    In the save file I provided you in the bug on lazy corruptrons on landscape tasks, you'll find:
    - corruptrons stuck inside blocks with their head emerging, it occurred while a lot of corruptrons are on the same place at the same time, perhaps they pushed one of them under the block,
    - corruptrons that, I think, tried to dig the hill, found a glitch and then teleported several meters down and get stuck in the middle of the island;
    - disappeared corruptrons.

    I don't have the attacking invisible corruptrons.
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