Some suggestions

First of all, thank you for this innovative game!

Here are some suggestions for futures updates:

- In my opinion, game is too slow, I mean that briketons spawn is too slow and this impact whole gameplay, it takes hours to build a correct wall. In invasion mode, even in easy preset, it's hard to live until 10th wave. Also when you are building wide defenses, you need much more bricktons on building/gathering, but you can't because you need some to defend yourself. A solution would be to add a modifier on energy gain, letting us choose the bricketon spawn rate.
As sandbox mode is made for building, it would also be a great improvement to let us have unlimited bricketons.

- About building, I find the build mode a bit complicated to take in hands, for exemple, wood ramps are so hard to place as we want. Maybe there is something to change here.

- A little upgrade would be the ability to chain tasks without creating building area. I mean for example the ability to destroy multiple blocks. I don't know how you coded the task management, but maybe a chained list of task would be possible?

- About pathfinding, briketons are soooo stupid :p Maybe an improvement would be to make them build thinks in the order we designed blueprints, or to make them build level by level. Instead of recalculating a new task each time a bricketon add a block to edifice, maybe each building area could pre-calculate their paths and build order, and then distributes tasks to bricketons.
As bricketons always gets stuck while building big walls, how about to let them put blocks just one block farther than now?

- Another great improvement would be to add a way to attack enemies witch are just against the walls (as archers can't fire just below themselves). Maybe a way to throw stones from walls?

- About game content, how about to add more types of block or blocks upgrades, for example an iron update of bricks/doors ?

That's all for now but I forgot certainly something :D I will add more suggestions if something goes back to my mind.
Tank's for your great work on this awesome game :)

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