Why is there no more blue crystals

I had played the game a little in 0.7 version, and today I came back on the game in 0.8.2 version and there is no more blue crystal in the ground. But why this choice? It makes the game so much longer. In sandbox mode, new bricketons takes hours to spawn. Is there any way to get blue ore back by editing lua/json? I think the game is to much slow, I need about an hour to build just a simple wall, this is a bit discouraging.



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    Hey JM4455,

    We removed blue crystal because it was a difficult to balance feature - the wisps are the main "currency" of Castle Story and leaving it to luck makes the game very random and unpredictable, not always a good thing for an RTS.

    It should definitely not take you hours to get more Bricktrons.

    Have you tried capturing the shards? They will spawn wisps and send them to your home crystal. Check out this page; http://wiki.castlestory.net/index.php/Beginner's_Guide:_Getting_More_Bricktrons
  • Hi,

    In conquest mode, it's a little better, but enemies grows so much faster, so they have a lot of battle units as they does not build anything. Maybe I'm just a noob, but I does not won any game since I have the new version ^^

    In invasion mode, we can have more wisp by killing enemies, but as waves are more and more difficult with time, it's hard to skip waves in order to have more bricktrons.

    In sandbox mode, it just makes no sense to have limited bricktons in my opinion
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