Couple of issues

To start off a old bug of sorts that i keep forgetting to mention in which cleaning tasks (and possibly harvesting tasks, will have to check) reset the designation circle distance it was set to when reloading which can be annoying.

Warriors (i keep calling them knights) for some reason seem to freeze up when asked to defend a area, enemy's tend to walk up to them and beat on em wile they do nothing. Defend a single point however still works as usual.

Landscaping, if it's at all possible it would be nice to make it so the landscaping task will only designate dirt tiles to be dug/filled, as i came in behind them trying to fill in the area with bricks which they proceeded to destroy.

I also somehow managed to get a enemy corruptron stuck inside my walls keeping the wave active, if a enemy corruptron has no path to a target or stands in one place for a certain amount of time it would probably be a good idea if they self-destructed.


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