I watched a stream with these new things - wards. I know that it is an early prototype, but I don't like this idea in general. Shatojon said that you want to slow down the conquest. Okay, that's good. But imho players will focus too much on building wards and they will be stronger than those with cool and considered castles but without wards. Building structures takes a lot of time in Castle Story (managing all those tasks, blueprints, lags, freezes, etc.) so if you are playing vs other people or corruptrons you will need to decide: tons of wards or huge walls ...

Also, think about long matches and that pylon wards. Whole map covered with "connecting wards", it will look bad. Players will focus more on destroying wards than castles.

Last thing, capture wards. Imagine 2 situations:
First: Player 1 builds as much capture wards as he can. How to fight with this? Before you destroy all those things he is going to kill you. I know that this is his advantage, but honestly it's stupid.
Second: Player 1 builds a capture ward and then he covered it with wide block wall. Again, before you get through it, it's over for you (during battle).

I don't want to say that I don't like hmmm this "system of bonuses/towers" at all, but I don't like your mechanics for this.


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