Regrowth of trees

Since it got overread in the discussion...

HateMe asks:

“What's your plan or status on grass and tree regrowth? “

Germain (Designer and art director)

Update 0.6 introduced tree stumps. which served two different purposes. The first one was to give falling trees a horizontal surface to fall from, minimizing the occurence of logs falling off the island. The second purpose was to leave something behind and eventually allow for trees to regrow.

Right now, our in-house build has grass and tree regrowth. It works! And there’s pratically nothing stopping us from releasing it in the next major update. All we need to do is create the different assets for growth states, iron out some performance issues, and plug the ressource spawner when harvesting so that small trees give less logs than big trees for example.

Is regrowth still in planning?
Thinking about building a house for my woodchoppers, but if the trees will not regrow there would be no point in it ;)


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey! We're looking into the best way to allow things to regrow, yeah. :)
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