New gamemode: CAPTURE THE FLAG and New Equipment in multiplayer

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About CTF ( capture the flag but not the same conquest)
So here my opinion :
-In gamemode, each team have two player or one to capture the gemstone bring back to your home ( crystal)
-When the gemstone back to your home done, all the bricktrons back to home then capture again
It mean it you get to score done the game will reset instanly ( here note: if you have spawn the any bricktrons will not turn the souls after the game reseting)
-There are 2 option : one: beford you started the game , you must choose the full score ( like 3/5 need 2 gemstone to get win this game ) or to get high score when you capturing beford the time end
Two: if you have a friend play with you choose the team and write the name then let's get started
-in the gamemode, your home ( Crystal) will not taken damage from anything like barrel
- - You can chat in your team or use discore
- -Must capture the gemstone to get high score as soon as possible beford the time end and you will winning in this game
- You can sent your knight, archer or Speartrons ( my idea about new classes) to stop enemy capturing if any bricktrons taken damage it will dropping the gemstone and wait for 5-6 seconds then you can grabbed the gemstone back your home
- If you and enemy have the same score And the battle will draw, nobody winner or lose
Story : The mysterious pillar is holding the gemstone full energy and shining nobody has ever see this gemstone, The corruptrons afraid this gems because it too powerfull for them and if this gemstone have something inside the gems or something around the gems. Many year ago, the island in the sky have been created by the god of the Human and they bring them gemstone to island but there is mistakes, the god have bring the gemstone of the end and they thought the gemstone of life so they dropped the gems into the island. Luckily, the gemstone is spread out 2 crystal : Bricktrons Home and Corruptrons Home, bricktrons home only grow on surface and corruptrons home could be anywhere around the island but nobody seen that crystal anymore, someone say That CR home is underground so corruptrons can spawn anywhere in the island except bricktrons home area. The gemstone need a lots of time so the gems regenerate the souls to CR home then to Bricktrons home. The Corruptrons have been spawn by the hand of human to find the gems but another mistake again. The Corruptrons will not follow the god and they will attack the crystal( Bricktrons home) so after the god confused and used the god hand to spawn the bricktrons to defend their home. Many year later, the gemstone have been return from underground with the mysterious pillar holding it. The corruptrons runing their life and the bricktrons feeling something happened in this island then the god said on their head all of you must capture the gemstone bring back your home ! That only way to stop the terror or the end of island
That The gamemode is call Capture the flag have been release forever after invasion and conquest

Oh about the option umm well
The new equipment in multiplayer is:
- You can change the bricktrons weapon, shield, helmet and color
-you can see on the right there is experience bar if you win anything in gamemode it will gave you the experience. When experience bar full the lvl is up now
-if you need getting new helmet, shield, weapon then you must play many gamemode as possible if you win,you could get high lvl to unlock the equipment
-you can share your facebook, Twitter or Google about your own bricktrons costume
-you can invited your friend to join your gamemode
- Can choose any classes like knight, archer, worker,speartrons ( my idea) to change the equipment
- You can save your bricktrons costume
That all i got then.


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    What do you think? Awasome right?
    Write the comment and soon i will check your comment
  • A capture the flag mode is quite interesting. Same thing for a King of the hill mode.

    Let's say each team have one or two flag(s) instead of the home crystal: building to defend it become more than crucial ! Like it :smile:
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