new class,twiks and other stuff

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So ABOUT NEW CLASS its a mage thats need 3 souls to spawn ranger atk and heal spell or fireball spell, new enemy class builder ones at 5 wawes it spuwns and start to buld theit cristal(thats spuwns more enemyes each time) it has less hp then all and no atk(it just runs when see your yelow dudes)time for build 8 mins, max 1 builder and 2 cristals,NEW POSSIBILITIES AND BLOCKS
sometimes u need to build a bridge and you cant cos to long distanse so idea to make long block to build briges easyer,balysta its like catapult but uses wood to shoot (doesnt brake blocks when hit),and possibility to save buildings not for one game(in manu u can adit buildings or in game then save it and load the plan in game or editor),NEW TASK AND TRAPS i culdnt find task where your minions rearm traps so make rearm task and new traps(like spickes and stuff),SPAWN BUG pls fix the lockations of coruptrons spuwns it sometimes spuwns in your castle or to close to "your territory" make bigger no spuwn randge of cristals,Load system make the load possibilyty when u play single and pouse the game(now you need to exit from game and then load the saved game)
If developer reading this, sorry for "slang" and mistakes in words i tryed my best, i hope this help game to grow and grow


  • and make timer stops when wawe starts and when u kill al enemyes it starts the timer for new wave

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