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In a recent version you added the possibility to copy-paste blueprints of buildings.
It would be great if we can save a blueprint in a player-owned library in-game and then, later in an other fight, on an other map, we would just have to take the blueprint from this library, place it on the map and "voilà".


  • CastleBuilderCastleBuilder Member
    edited January 2017
    I can see some MAJOR balance issues for this in multiplayer. Where people would just grab highly optimized, or even worse, exploit worthy builds and just spam them to win. Reducing the multiplayer component of the game into a resource focused, micromanagement simulator where the focus is on collecting blueprints that can exploit the hardest and who can do enough APM when it comes to troop movement.

    I'm not a multiplayer kind of guy though, so maybe such builds are already a plague in the community and this would just streamline what seems to be a painful process.
  • I disagree with you. The balance issues due to highly optimized buildings are an other problem.
    If such buildings exist, they will be built with or without the library, the former being just a bit longer and needing more APM. So it may even be a way to level players with low APM but with high tactics and well-thought buildings to players with high APM.

    But you may be right, in which case @Sauropod, if they add it to the game, would just need to disable the "blueprints library" feature in multiplayer, keeping it only for single player, or allow the server creator to enable/disable it.
  • Again, I'm not a multiplayer kind of guy, but I can imagine that having optimized builds may shift the game too much towards APM style gameplay and effectively kill the idea of building your own forts. I do agree with you on the fact that there may be, or will be such optimized buildings regardless, but IMHO having no bp database of sorts will force players to at least go through the motions instead of just laying down the blueprint mindlessly after they hit the required resources or what not.

    But again I'm not a multiplayer guy, so I may be talking out of my ass right now, this topic could really use some input from those who actually play multiplayer. For singleplayer I have no qualms with it, I'd use it to build miniature cities in invasion mode and maybe try to finally beat conquest mode on singleplayer.
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