Drop things on corruptrons

I have currently the following problem: I am in invasion, starting to have the beginning of a castle to defend myself, unfortunately, the corruptrons are smarter than I thought and they are digging their way up to my castle through a cliff.
So I would like to throw things on them from the top of the cliff, like an explosive barrel for instance, but I can't.
Is it possible / can you make it possible ? :)


  • For those that wonder, it takes a long time, but the corruptrons happen to dig out of the hill around the crystal. It then turned into a slaughter inside my dungeon and in the caves underneath.
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    Hey TTTV,

    You could use a catapult to throw barrels at them. ;) Or pre-emptively place the barrels / bear traps there and have your archers shoot at them.
  • I have a catapult, however as the cliff is very steep and high (as you can see on the picture), it cannot shoot at the bottom of it. Actually it would rather destroy the cliff, ruining this natural protection and wonder of mother nature.
    Speaking of which, have you reduce the area of effect of barrels ? It used to make a big crater, now it does a small 1x1 hole,.

    For the archers, unfortunately, I made a convenient ramp for them to shoot at the corruptrons but it seems that they cannot. Perhaps it is too high? It may be the same bug as @Nidaros.

    I could have of course pre-place barrels or traps, but I didn' expect the corruptrons to dig a 30 meters cliff whereas my protection on the ramp is one wooden barricade, then one door. They got me. And that is awesome! :smiley:
    However, it seems that their pathfinding indicates them to take:
    1. a very long non blocking path (next time, I'll try the classical maze, tower defense style ;) ).
    2. the shortest of all paths even if there are hundred of voxels to dig.
    3. the intermediate path with a door or a one-voxel wall blocking them.
    There may be some tuning to do on their pathfinding OR make it RANDOOOOOM. Compute a set of paths with different preset strategies and then choose one randomly. Some examples of strategies:
    • a path with no voxel to break
    • a path with the smallest wall to break.
    • the shortest path in distance
    • a path with the smallest hill or forest to break
    • a path giving a good spot to throw mini-corruptrons
    Anyway, what I would really like is to bring my bricktron, that you can see on the picture, to the bank of the cliffs and tell him "let go your barrel Murdoch", the barrel falls all the way down the cliff and then boom. >:)
    It would be as if I ordered him to drop the barrel on the ground, excepted that the ground on which he is supposed to drop the barrel is 30 meters lower.

    (Would be fun to drop stones too and that they would deal some damages with the height.)
  • Ok i tried another map (the previous one was stepping stone, which is quite extreme), I tried Orosi Valley and the corruptrons were more vicious, trying to enter the castle at several places in the same time, dig-escalating walls, digging the ground, rushing the bridge. So consider the whole strategies&pathfinding of my previous comment as satisfied. :)
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