Game Freezes every few seconds

I really like this game and I was really trying to have fun, but the game freezes every few seconds for like 2 seconds. It got worse the farther into the game till the point where i couldn't stand it anymore. It runs smooth for 6 seconds then freezes.


  • They are aware of this bug and they are working on it :smile:
  • KrazyturkKrazyturk Member
    Does everyone get this issue? Or is it affecting a partial user base? Is there a thread I can send my PC specs to? Have they said what the status of the bug is? Like, still trying to diagnose it or testing out solutions?

    I don't understand why they've continued to add features and mechanics for 4 years. Stopped playing in 2013 cause of this bug, just reinstalled yesterday and it's still unplayable. The v0.9 sentinel ward looks dope, but I'll never get to use it until this is resolved.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer
    Hey Krazyturk,

    0.9 has considerate performance improvements. If the game performance wasn't due to your PC specs, 0.9 will help a lot.

    What are your PC specs?
  • KrazyturkKrazyturk Member
    Specs available here, hope considerate improvements means no lag spikes every x seconds. Every x minutes I can deal with, seconds is where you get into territory manladypig was talking about (can't stand it after a while).
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer
    That's exactly what the considerable improvements mean, we've actively hunted down the small lag spikes that would happen every few seconds. They happens very, very rarely now. Have you checked out the Friday streams?
  • KrazyturkKrazyturk Member
    Dope, happy to hear. Haven't yet but I will now!
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