0.8.1 Hotfix

ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
We released 0.8 last night and of course, the hivemind found a few bugs that slipped under the net. Thank you for that!

Here's a first patch! There are some more we'll be working on - if you find any more bugs, please report them on our forums!

* Fixed an issue where pathfinding was causing lag in the World Editor.
* Fixed an issue where the scoreboard (ui) in Conquest was showing the wrong amount of available energy.
* Fixed an issue where a bricktron would stop working if there was resource in the blueprint it was working on.
* Fixed an issue where the timer on the client side in multiplayer wouldn’t show the right time.
* Fixed an issue where to save and load a map would break Lights out.
* Attempted to fix an issue with older saves not working properly.
* Fixed an issue where the harvest project toggles would all be on after a save and load.
* Fixed an issue where the chat wouldn’t show a player leave sometimes.
* Fixed an issue where the fog wouldn’t properly track the equipment of a bricktron making them pop in and out.
* Fixed an issue where the client would not be re-downloading a map if its version is outdated.
* Fixed an issue where extending a quarry sideways did not extend the volume upwards properly.
* Attempted a fix where players would see no maps when clicking new game.


  • Hi Shatojon,

    Might sound strange, but where do I find Hotfixes?
    I'm not using Steam.

  • Sorry, found it at Humble Bundle after flushing the cashe :)
  • TeawanTeawan Member Backer
    edited December 2016
    One more issue with save games:

    Converting an old (pre 0.8.x) means:
    - loosing all Bricktrons, just one will be left
    - all unfinsihed blueprints are lost
    - all stockpiles are empty
    - all tasks are lost
    so far so good.
    - all lights are gone - Noooooooooooooo!

    So I can't see any improvements to the 0.8

    AND: The Crystal is not generating ANY new Bricktrons.
    Tested with three different saves for more than 30 minutes each :warning:
    (All three with 0.8 and one with 0.8.1)

    How should we dig and build with only one Bricktron :worried: ?

  • While working on a quarry the guys will knock on wood forever - if they can find it
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Teawan, sorry about that. We will look into it ASAP.
  • So I decided to ditch all my old map saves and decided to start new ones to see if any updates were done to the maps. As suspected there were updates, a lot of roads are closed off or moved around, and holy crap do the new maps play much better than the old ones! Like previously even at low populations I would only get 30 fps on medium maps, and I would crash on the large maps if I moved the camera too fast!

    Did you guys reduce the polygon counts on the new maps as well or something? Because now I can play the big map on conquest in singleplayer. Granted, once me and the enemy total up to a 100 units a lagfest starts on the big maps, but god damn has the optimization improved sooooo much! This is truly the update I was waiting for to be honest.

    Also the old large map is so fucking huuuuuuuge now! I'm impressed at all the scenery! But playing it alone on conquest is a pain due to the Curroptron's intense spawn rate. Also, a request, can you guys let us enable an FPS display of sorts?
  • No worries :)
    I will upload now some saves as requested on Dec. 23th in the Update 0.8 thread.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    CastleBuilder, we've threaded the voxel engine :) It makes a huge difference.
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