Energy Production

In Conquest Mode, what is needed for the crystals that you own to produce energy?


  • Hi gamehog44,

    You need to gather blue crystals from the mines already in place on the island when you start the game. The more crystals you gather, the more units you will be able to spawn. If you take down a enemies unit near your big crystal, is soul will be absorbed and be used to create new Bricktrons .

  • Where can I find these mines? Ich started playing with the ne Version.
  • It changed a bit since the currrent version you need to capture crystals and your home crystal will produce blue souls over time and go to your home crystal if you have enought of them they will convert into a yellow soul and with them you can spawn your units.
    If you are using a old save it wont work as far as i know since its buggy and wont be fixed until early Janurary
  • Can I find Them in the Invasion Mode?
  • LukasS789 said:

    Can I find Them in the Invasion Mode?

    Seems like not but your home crystals generates them in Invasion too as far as i know and you will get some by killing coruptrons
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Yup, as of 0.8, in Invasion, you get more Wisps by killing Corruptrons.
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