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Seeing how modding the game has been the focus of a couple of recent patches, maybe I could do a little modding of my own. What I'm wondering is how would one learn how to mod the game?

Also what do the numbers after avery map and gamemode mean? (Bastion_6e7ff6c5-c234-434f-9662-666664a32f22, invasion_cooplightsout_ed2b0fde-111d-4da2-8cf5-87cd1d9d14df ect.)



  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey MisterMecky,

    Best way to learn, right now, is to dive right in. Go into the Lua folder and look at the values, change them, see what they do in-game, etc. :)

    Keep in mind however that things are rapidly changing from release to release and mods could get broken at any time, it's why we don't "officially" support modding yet.

    The numbers on maps are random strings to avoid two folders having the same name. Nothing to worry about modding-wise.
  • Will have to look around and see what I can do! Atm there doesn't seem like much that can be made with new gamemodes and such, but will look forward to future modding updates.

    Cheers Shatojon!
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