Hey all, Me and my friend have bought this game and we have run into some problems in multiplayer. We try for an hour to try to get the multiplayer working. I have done some research on the forums and online.
The ways we have tried to do it was; 1. Click join game through steam, one of use made hosted a new game, and waited in the lobby. Then the other would press "Join Game" But we would go straight to the home page. This happen to both of us.
2. We sent out IP to each other and we both tried to host. What happen was it popped up saying please wait, then everything would dissapered besides the back ground that when you move your mouse it moves the background too. We waited for a bit, nothing happen so we gave up. Should we wait longer, is that supposed to happen?
3. Evolved, kinda a work in progress. We have try and it haven't really worked either. Anyone can help me and my friend? Is there a curtain site I should go to to get my IP? Should we just wait longer? If anyone can provide any answers please respond. :D


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