hello out there

A call into the dark so to speak...

Gamers? Still chasing corruptions? Still excited to one fateful day play your friends? Still Figuring out how to quickly build bridges to islands (no, just me?)

Developers? Still making community challenges? Still building up for Alpha Launch? Still making the dream a reality?

I hope this candle of a game does not burn out but starts a fire! I"m waiting for some PvP and community challenges to contact old RTS buddies from series that no longer have a community. I'd love to revamp this community, but there's not much to feed the fire right now as far as getting involved goes. (as much as i love killing corruptrons in costume)


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey Kwhit!

    There are lots of people playing Castle Story :) It's already possible to play online/multiplayer. Bridges to islands are a highly requested feature - we've got something cooking for that, maybe. Testing stuff out. :)

    We haven't made any community challenges recently mostly because we're waiting a little to add more content for you guys to play with and make the challenges more interesting. I'm open to suggestions though!

    We've had several updates. We're building up for a final launch, not for an alpha. :) Check out our brand spankin' new news page :) http://www.castlestory.net/en/news

  • @Shatojon wow... well said. and the trailer on the news page for the .7 showed things i didn't realize, next time ill do more research before posting. I'm just impatient :tongue: Thanks for replying, I can't wait for servers one day to make it easier
  • is there a way to delete this sad discussion idea... mistakes were made
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