Wooden Towers Trouble

So im trying to build a wooden tower as seen in the screenshot, but where you currently see it is as far as i can go my bricktrons are now just looking for the path to the blueprint but im just not seeing how to help them.


  • I got the same problem... My "solution" was to put some stone stairs around during the construction phase, then destroy it. Devs will probably fix it soon !

    I can't wait to make taller towers and larger bridges ! :p
  • EvaxMeorEvaxMeor Administrator Developer
    Hey there,

    You can use, indeed, stones to build around, but that's break all the purpose of the ramps .. :( .

    For now, I recommend to wait before placing the top logs, wait for the bricktrons to build the ramps first.
  • Thank you for the responses and tips!
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