To many orange crystals

Hi Folks,

I'm playing in Sandbox mode most of the time (99+%). So I have always toms of iron ore and orange crystal. Is there a way to dump these materials without destroying the stockpile?

Throwing it into old mines is a waste of time.
I dislike to destroy the stockpiles when full also.

Any smart ideas?



  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hi! No way to "dump" them without destroying the stockpiles too.

    What I like to do is place bear traps EVERYWHERE around my walls, helps the archers tons and uses up iron. I'm not sure how you're having too much yellow crystal! I love to use explosive barrels and torches to see them coming and welcome them with an explosive surprise. ;) You should try it!
  • I'm in Sandbox mode - there are no corruptrons.
    So there is nearly no need for iron nor orange crystal.

    Ok so I will do my landscaping by Dynamite in future
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