help, I can't play my World Editor maps.

So I've been playing around with the world editor , and I've made a few maps. The first 2-3 maps, I've had no trouble playing on. However the last several maps I've created don't work. When I attempt to start a new game it says next to game modes "none supported." I've added a player spawn, mines, and corruptron spawn points , and the appear check off in the modes tab of the editor but the maps still don't work, am I missing something or is this a bug? Images attached to show what I mean.


  • I've uploaded this map to the steam workshop, so if it work for you let me know. Map is titled Switchback Mountian.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor

    We're aware of some players experiencing issues playing UGC maps since 0.7.6 - we're investigating!

    Thank you!
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