Ask A Dev - Marytron: 3D Animator!

Whaaaat’s up lasses and lads! Recorders, notebooks and pens out, it’s time for another Ask A Dev session, this time with our skillful 3D animator, Marytron. We’ll be gathering your 3D animation/art related questions, picking the best and getting answers from her!

Marytron has joined Sauropod Studio’s ranks nearly a year ago and currently, she’s working on something secret she doesn’t want to spoil yet. Animators take a 3D model that’s been rigged on a bone structure, and keyframe animations by hand to give life and personality to the game characters. When she’s not giving life to 3D models, Marytron likes to ride around town on her Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Post your 3D animation/art related questions as a reply below!

Next week, we’ll post the answers right here, on!


  • I hoped the answers will be released Monday next week!

    Some questions:
    • What is the most complicated character rigging you have done?
    • What artistic styles do you like the most?
    • How often does Germain get pranked in the office?
    • Has a developer, such as Faviann or Devtron, ever asked an animator (you or someone you know of) questions that you find are funny?
    • How many cream cheese did Faviann stole? I want to know from a spectator's point of view.
    • I have heard animators would constantly use a lot of office supplies. Do you have this habit?
    • If you cannot find a good solution for an animation to portray a certain characteristics, what do you do to help provide inspirations?
    • When it comes to creativity, did you pick up the talent from work experiences and learning new things, or from imaginations and dreams?
    • Do you love manga? If yes, what manga art style do you love the most? The least?
    • Have you ever tried adding something to the Bricktron in secret? It's okay if you scrap them.
  • Do you like to work with sauropodstudio?
  • Show us some models of things that aren't in the game yet. I want some spoiler.
  • Are you working on a dragon? Please
  • Will you show some of your work on live stream? Same question to Germain, I think new staff and graphical work will be very attractive to watch. Shatojon can talk with people and you will make your work.
  • wtf it can climbs the wall?!
  • bidiajin said:

    wtf it can climbs the wall?!

    Hahahah! Just build ledges like people do against spiders in minecraft.

    X= stone wall
    o=empty space


    The biggest threats are still those nasty Biftrons and the midgets they toss around! Around Biftrons don't relax! Unless those wall crawlers can attack walls they're stuck on to, or if they're able to wall crawl like an actual spider can, but even then it's not that big of a threat. They look like small mobs so I'm sure one guard next to archers would be more than sufficient.
  • If you use ledges on top of your walls, you won't be able to shoot at the base of it though.
  • Right so you alternate the ledge formation like this, or have archers stand on it.
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