Priority of Stockpiles.

Hey Guys,

I'm wondering how the Bricktrons select the stockpiles where they carry the resources to.
I know I can assign specific stockpiles to a task...

I would just like to know If there is a limit to open stockpiles and if yes how high is it / where could I maybe change it?


  • No limit, but do note if you create a new task, it will auto-select all of the stockpiles, which can get annoying to hear the popping sounds if your stockpiles count is over 85 or above.
  • thanks i did know that already.

    What I mean is there are 20stockpiles filled with stone so they will always take the stone from the stockpile which is partially fractured no matter how far that stockpile is away.
    They would build way faster if there would be a recent amount of stockpiles where things can be taken from.
  • Okay, trying it in another way, can I reset the settings to an earlier version so tat the bricktrons take the material from the nearest stockpile ? No matter if there is a half full one?
  • EvaxMeorEvaxMeor Administrator Developer
    The bricktrons will always try to empty or fill stockpiles that are not fully empty or full no matter what the distance (For now).

    Unfortunately you cannot reset the settings to an earlier version :(. You will need to use the stockpile management.

    Thanks for the support!
  • So it's not possible to change it to like 10 stockpiles?
  • EvaxMeorEvaxMeor Administrator Developer
    Not on your side right now, sorry.
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