0.7.5 multiplayer crash temp fix

GardinatorGardinator Member
edited August 2016 in Multiplayer
Just go to your steam folder and run the game through Administrator. the multiplayer will not crash, but you can ONLY (as far as i know) play with your friends through the LAN network.


  • Still, people get booted from my server for no apparent reason :|
  • Hello! I was trying to play multiplayer a few minutes ago with my friend using Hamachi. He hosted the server and was able to join in successfully however my game was stuck loading at 69% saying "waiting for host". This went on for a few minutes before I was sent back to the main menu. We switched places and I hosted but we experienced the same problem. Any suggestions?
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey Waffleguy12, why go through Hamachi? Just host a lobby and let him join your through your Steam friends' list (or vice versa!)
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