Hello everyone!

First off, let me tell you how much the team and I appreciate that you took part in our very first Community challenge! We had a fun time looking at your builds and trying to figure out how they were even made!

You demonstrated originality and creativity beyond what we could even foreseen and for that we are greatly thankful.

It was not easy to choose a winner and I'm not just saying that. Everyone, even those who created simpler structures, were able to build things "out of the box". None of the projects were alike and that was pretty impressive by itself.

For creating something completely different that is inspired by Asian design we are crowning Pagoda as the first winner of the challenge Community! Congratulations!!

You can see Pagoda's build and the constructions of the other participants right here!!

Thank you all for participating and we will return soon with a new challenge.

See you soon and take care,

- Team Sauropod


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