Stuff i Did during the last new update

JRL101JRL101 Member
In the last update I decided to test out all the new stuff i haven't played with yet, and that's a lot since i spent quite a while away from the game.
The new update encouraged me to play around with what ever i could.
I started off the usual way, by deforesting a chunk of the map.
With a little mine and a bunch of stockpiles near my crystal. I started to mess with the pathing.

I added a second floor Having a bit of trouble with the new beams and such, as the old support angle bit of wood, wasn't aligned with anything, so i wasnt sure of its new function.

At this point i needed more stone so i played with the mine function and dug into the wall. It has a better system than it did previously, using a handle system, while letting you choose up down or forward with buttons in the bottom right, which i didnt notice till ages later when i expanded the mine some more.

I then proceeded to build the third floor It was slow going from them having trouble navigating to the parts they wanted to build, as you can see the third floor is much neater, but incomplete.

I decided to build an idea for a support structure for the core of the building instead of the stairs supporting only themselves. But i came across the problem of needing to get up to the level to build. The ramp hated me in many ways, it would be nicer to draw the ramp from point to point. I wanted the ramp to be the same all the way up, but with no way to extend the beam on the inside of the log supports it ended up having to avoid the lower parts of the ramp, I still wish we could attach wood beams into stone.

Maybe its old building habits but i never ended up using "jumpdown"
I can compliment it for lasting 6+ hours without he bricktrons doing a "tools down" after 6 something that looked like tools down happened BUT with the info from the bricktrons i was able to find the problem, which ws the lack of stockpiles, and lack of commands to build stuff. LOL i love their feed back.


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