Troubled Heaps Redux [All Gamemodes]

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Troubled Heaps Redux is a modified version of the official Troubled Heaps map. I was somewhat disappointed by the conquest version of Troubled Heaps, given that it was patched into a map that was only intended for invasion. As a result of this, some aspects were a bit unbalanced. The center crystal was severely vulnerable, one crystal was entirely to easy too defend, and one crystal literally didn't even have a corresponding mineshaft.

As a result of this, I've attempted to make several changes to the original Troubled Heaps. Not only to help make conquest more balanced and interesting, but also to create a somewhat new experience for invasion as well.

-Added a raised area to mid
-Added mountain regions on the sides, each with a shard to capture.
-Added more routes around the map, so all crystals can be flanked.
-More trees
-More mineshafts
-Moved the locations of some crystals
-Replaced one crystal with a shard
-Reduced amount of corruptron spawns to one per corner
-Made island deeper to allow for deeper quarries
-Widened some paths
-I think it looks cooler


Watch the creation timelapse!
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