How to play other modes than sandbox?

How to play other modes than sandbox in multiplayer? I wanted to play with friends but I only see sandbox mode.



    For the moment, there's no other mode than sandbox that are supported in multiplayer.

    We are working currently on other modes like survival multiplayer and conquest multiplayer. We shown a preview of the conquest multiplayer during one of our live streaming:


  • MeownaaMeownaa Member
    Hello :)
    Does this work for anybody?
    Am I being a blockhead? :D

    "Survival mode is now called Invasion mode and it’s already possible to play it online (although it’s not officially supported). You just need to edit some files; 1. Go into your Castle Story folder. 2. Navigate to Castle Story/Info/Maps/[Map you wished to play on]/meta 3. Edit the info.txt, and set “AllowMultiplayer” to “true” from “false”. That’ll enable the multiplayer option for invasion. The official version will be coming soon!"
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Yep, that should work, but it's likely to be very unstable and incomplete. :)
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