Update 0.6.4: Save updater and multiplayer fixes


How is everyone doing? Those who of you who spend most of their time building structures in Castle Story will be happy to learn that our new patch includes a save updater which makes it possible to upgrade your old save files to the newest version of the game. We also fixed a few issues you may have encountered while playing in multiplayer mode.


Added a save upgrader from 0.5.1 to 0.6.4.
Warning. The old survival mode is unfortunately not compatible since we updated the entire game mode to Invasion mode. The save game will be converted to Sandbox.*
The tunnels and landscapes tasks will be lost upon upgrading and will need to be replaced.


Magic mines can now have up to 3 workers in Invasion mode.
The Hold position is now a toggle button in the pie menu.
The population cap was removed in Invasion mode.


Fixed an issue which occurred when save/loading a multiplayer game. Archers and knights would look like workers for the client.
Fixed an issue that caused the task bar of becoming unresponsive after an explosion.
Fixed an issue that caused a task to become attached to the cursor. It would occurred while deselecting the task before it was put in place.
Fixed an issue which caused the Bricktrons to not empty their bag when switching between tasks.

Before we go, we invite you to take a look at our first Community challenge that we got going on right now. You have until the *March 16th* to submit your build!

Any questions? We have also a Community Q&A session that you may want to check out.

Thanks for reading!


- Team Sauropod


  • Yay!
    I was just upgrading my old savegame and saw something I completely forgot about. I have six "exclamation marks" spreaded around on my map and was wondering what is the meaning of them?
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