Trees' regrowth ?

WenlockWenlock Member
Since cutting trees leaves stumps and there have been some discussions about trees' regrowth, I was wondering : do they regrow ? I've saved a little patch of stomps near my new constructions "just in case", but nothing happened yet...


  • Hi Wenlock,

    The trees don't grow back at the moment, but it's a mechanic that we want to implement. In the meantime, if you want to remove your stomps, you can make a landscaping task to remove them.

  • Indeed, it felt like stumps where there to allow both regrowth and definitive "deforestation"...
    Removing them was not an issue : it's easy enough with the landscape fonction or by "erasing" them within the building/blueprint tool. but now I'll wait for an update to regrow woods around my constructions. :)
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