Community challenge #1: Built with wood!

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Hi everyone!

We are super excited to invite you to our first community challenge!


Every two weeks, we invite our community members to show off your skills with a friendly building competition that is open to all!

You want test your imagination? You think you’re up for to the challenge?


- Build a structure using only wood!
- Actually you can use brick too, but mostly wood, we want to see what you can accomplish.


It's super easy!
- Building a structure according to the theme proposed here.
- Share screenshots of your project with at least 3 different angles with a minimum resolution of 1024 x 720.
- Write «FINAL SUBMISSION» in your forum post below so we know that’s the one you want us to take in consideration for the competition.
- You have until MARCH 16th at midnight EST.

We encourage all participants to share their process and help each other on this thread so all can improve on their skills!

Winners are going to be reveal right here in two weeks!

We can’t to wait to see what you can do!!

- Team Sauropod


  • So far.

    But not done yet! Let's see....
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  • Thanks guys for your submissions!! I love what I see!
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    You need more screenshots? Just tell me. :smiley:
  • image
    The ground level is nearly complete. Still so much to accomplish, my bricktrons will work day and night with limited rations to meet this deadline.

  • image
    Fort Wooden Justice is nearing completion, I will finish off the tower to the north and maybe add a central elevated roof.
  • Love it, love it, love it!! Don't forget to wright «FINAL SUBMISSION» in you post so we can take them into consideration for the challenge!


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    FINAL SUBMISSION - "Fort Wooden Justice"

    Before we get started I would like to take a moment to dedicate this structure to my 3 finest bricktron lumberjacks: Puck, Ecto, and Banjo, who continued to chop down trees until they were surrounded by logs and could no longer move. May the tree gods watch over them...


    MOVING ON...

    I took this challenge head on and decided that I would not use any stone whatsoever during the creation of this structure. Not one tunnel nor quarry was created, I did however have my trusty bricktron Hodor scout the reachable blue gems from ground level and take them to the crystal, this is how I spawned my workers. I started to collect the iron from reachable areas as well because I thought I would make some lanterns, but I ultimately decided against it. I did however make a few barrels to put on the ground floor for added spice.

    This is the best sunshine shot, also the rear of the fort.

    This is the best shot of the "Watch Platform" on the left, I call it a Watch Platform because it's not cool enough to be a watch tower, but there is plenty of room to move around.
    On the main structure you will notice a large crafted hole in the second floor. This is me planning ahead for when the devs add a giant crane for us to lift blocks, I'll build it into the structure there. (Wishful thinking)


    This is an x-ray shot of the interior of the structure. You can clearly see one of my bricktrons who built himself into a small room on the second floor, which I hadn't noticed until I took this shot. I'm happy to see that he has a comfortable piece of wood to sleep on.

    Building Fort Wooden Justice took much longer than I am willing to admit, but this is not something that would have been possible a year ago so I am showing my support for the devs and the great progress they have made. Thank you!

    P.S. Please add wooden stairs and bring back the horizontal logs.
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    Here's my attempt at a pagoda style building. Sorry the captures are not very good, for some reason the game refuses to make captures most of the time, so i'm forced to try different zoom levels and positions until it makes one. Night lighting in linux is a bit iffy too :neutral:

    At first i wanted to maximize the space between wooden trunks, but later i realized ramped roofs won't work with that setup, so i had to add extra trunks at the diagonals to make that happen. Still, it seems it's impossible to have smooths transitions between 90º ramps, hence the holes there.
    Everything is made out of wood except a central stone pillar-style staircaise, which i found impossible to do with wood in a sane amount of space. And sidewalks, of course.

    I tried something different with the walls.
  • Wow!! It's awesome!!. I can't tell you how much I love seeing those build!
  • I did it, it's been very long. But I hope you like it. I am kind of a beginner in this game. I think I did well.
  • Hi Minboc,

    You're doing better than me at my beginnings. Don't worry and keep it up! I like it, I think it's cute ! :)
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