2 blocks wide stairs for quarry

When you have a lot of bricktrons on 1 quarry job they get often blocked on the stairs...
You should make the stairs 2 blocks wide. Or make 2 stairs with 1 way only at each. 1 to go down, 1 to go up.


  • Ya, two blocks wide would help me a ton.
  • seriously tired of having to notice that production has stopped only to find out bricktrons are stuck
  • They call me the Thread-Necromancer and I would like to push this Suggestion to variable width quarry stairs.
  • I would agree with this - there has been a lot of times where Bricktrons are stuck trying to get out, while others are trying to go down and neither of them know what to do due to others behind them won't move either.
  • But how do we get a 2-wide stairs for Quarries, if they Quarries themselves are small to begin with? A better solution, I believed, is the option to set the maximum slots first, other than wait for Bricktrons to assign themselves before locking the Tasks.
  • Adding on my agreement with OP.
  • As a workaround, I use tunnels to lead to my biggest quarries.
  • I am one of many necromancers and shall bump this thread, I can't believe we reached 1.0 without this implemented!
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