mining tunnels?

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So I noticed that in a recent update you guys removed the ores from the cliff walls, unfortunately. While the mines are cool and all and support 3 workers there are two innate problems with them.

One being the pathing while it has gotten better isn't that great, so they run into each other and try to go around each other the same way and get stuck for way too long. Two being since you can only get the blue crystal from the mines and killing the waves, if you're in invasion mode. You don't get enough "power" from killing the little dudes for that to viable in of itself but when mining you also have to make a metric ton of stockpiles because you wind up with gold and iron galore that's just honestly a waste because you never use much of it, but you need the blue crystal from mining to keep replacing bricktons and gaining new ones.

So my question is, is there a way to "void" or get rid of iron and gold because honestly I just need the blue crystal and bit of gold and iron but the ratio is the other way around. For understandable reasons but i'm unwilling to make so many stockpiles to making mining the blue ore viable. Unfortunately this delima has forced me to stop playing.


  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey cindylo,

    At the time being, there's no way to get rid of iron, nor yellow crystal, except by using 'em up. According to our game designer, this is for balancing purposes.

    If you keep at it, you'll quickly see that you NEED the iron and the yellow crystals. Are you not building lanterns (to see the enemies coming in the fog of war), torches (to light up your castle at night), bear traps (to slow down the enemies, giving archers a better chance at picking them off)? Are you not building catapults and explosive barrels to take out the biftrons?
  • For new games it's not balanced in the least. Early on you need more workers and military to build your walls/castle, traps, etc and military for defense. Yet at the same time it's hard to get the blue crystal and not waste space on trying to store the iron and yellow crystal because you have no use for it yet. You need them yes but until you get large areas built up you don't need that amount and makes the early game hard to manage for space and storage, and you can also look at like in the light of restricting play styles as well because of that.
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