It’s on for a fifth edition of the Building Challenge! We’ve upped the ante a little for this one, it’s a Building Challenge, after all. You folks aren’t afraid of a little challenge, are you?!

Didn’t think so!

What's that?

The building challenge is a test of skill and creativity that invites you to take a crack at designing a specifically themed building for your Bricktrons to make!

Today's challenge: The Cozy Village!

We’re looking for quantity here, not size! Several smaller constructions rather than a single big one! Think outside of the box! Roads! Lampposts! A defensive wall! A secret underground dungeon! The catacombs of Morgül’s Six Demons of the apoc.. sorry, I got carried away.

How to participate:

Simple stuff!

- Build a structure according to the theme proposed (Cozy Village).

- Share several screenshots of your build with at least 3 different angles and a minimum resolution of 1024 × 720. Check out this useful site: How to take a screenshot. Try taking some screenshots in daytime, if possible!

- Exceptionally, we’d like to ask you (optionally, but try!) to provide us your map files with your submissions. Simply go to Castle Story\Info\Saves and zip up the folder of your save file and post that file with your submission. If you can’t figure it out, don’t worry about it. We’ll make a video tutorial for the next time.

- Extra points if you post a video on Youtube or stream it on Twitch!

- Write “FINAL SUBMISSION” when you share the build, so we know that’s the one you’d like us to consider.

- Date limit: Monday, June 13th 2016 at 1:00 PM EST!

Alright boys and gals, as always, time to show us how much better than us you are at our own game. :D

Post your submissions in this thread!


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