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Alright, calm down, calm down! Devtron isn't a sentient overlord artificial intelligence that's taken over the studio. Or is it?

We decided to try something new for today's Ask The Devs! Instead of the usual format, from now on, questions will be aimed at a different developer every time. This week's developer will be prodigy brogrammer, Devtron!


Devtron has been working on Castle Story for nine months. Currently, he's focusing on the multiplayer and resource management aspects of the game. His favorite dinosaur is the Brontosaurus because he thinks it probably tastes like bacon.

Next week, Wednesday the 1st of June, we'll pick three of the best questions and violently interrogate Devtron for the answers. Our method involves tomato juice, duct tape and a used sponge.


Just post your questions as a reply right here! On June 1st, we'll post the answers on!

We can't wait to see what questions you have in store for us!


  • Wen123Wen123 Member
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    are you close to finshing invavasion muiltpalayer
  • tommai78101tommai78101 Member Wiki Editor
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    • What issues are you having right now on Unity? Particularly if there may be optimizations you need to look over to using the Unity Profiler, or there may be design kinks that you need to keep, but would be nice to leave out for better performances?
    • Are the shaders in the game complex, or they are a mix of Unity's standard assets provided?
    • Do you use assets purchased on Unity Asset Store? If so, which assets in the game are they?
    • Do you have any competitions going on between other developers, to see who wins in Castle Story?
    • Do you have small ideas that you devoted your own time to implement into the game during the game's development? If so, what are they, and what intended purposes can you tell us?
    • Have you put Easter Eggs or planned to put them inside the game, for us players to go find them?
    • Have you tested scenarios where you can bend the rules of the game, and come up with brilliant ideas?
    • Which developers in the studio has the most ideas ever? And which ones gives the greatest boost of productivity outside of office hours?
    • Has Evax's buglists ever put you in a pinch sometimes? Or you are very happy you have something to work with?
    • Has Evax's bugs ever made you want to say "WTF? How?" For example, you know the value of this variable is always going to be X, but during Evax's playthroughs, he manages to make that value to become Y, and cannot get back into X for some reasons, and you couldn't figure how this bug happens.
  • DoeyIXDoeyIX Member
    How many developers do you have working on the project?
  • DoeyIXDoeyIX Member
    What is it like working on Castle Story?
    Why did you decide to work on it?
    What challenges have you faced?
  • tommai78101tommai78101 Member Wiki Editor
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    DoeyIX said:

    How many developers do you have working on the project?

    I can actually answer this. They said they have a total of 8 to 10 developers on the livestream a few weeks back. Not sure if the numbers excludes those on the business fronts.
  • Is it possible, for in co-op invasion, to have different "teams" of bricktrons? As in the crystal gives some bricktrons to one player, some to the other. Instead of having to share one team of bricktrons, because I feel like the current setup is a tad confusing.
  • Dusk78Dusk78 Member
    what is your the broad vision for the the finished multiplayer experience
  • kuzynnkuzynn Member Backer
    [Q] One month until summer starts, will you release the game?
  • Will you add a PvP attack/defense mode? You have some preparation time, or a pre-built castle. One team defends and improves its castle. The other team (with bricktrons too) attacks and do sneaky things (tunnels, siege weapon, protection).
    Will there be a game mode where you could use the castle you made in sandbox and see how long it survives against other players playing offensive bricktrons/corruptrons ?
    Will the corruptrons be playable? For a PvP invasion mode, for instance.
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Thank you for the questions guys! We'll post the answers soon today. :)
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