RESULTS: Building Challenge - The Ruined Temple

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Hey hey hey, lads and lasses! Sorry we're late with the results! They were due yesterday, but it was a holiday and everyone was drunk. Here at the studio, we don't condone BUI. (Blogging under the influence).

Aaaaaalright! So, ruined temple we asked and ruined temple we received! We got some sweet entries, but we're not even surprised anymore. You guys are consistently amazing builders! :D The bigger difficulty of this challenge was to make your build actually look like a temple, while still being ruined!

Honourable Mentions

As usual, we'll start off with the definitely-mentionable honorable mentions! They may have not made the cut for first place, but that doesn't make them any less awesome than they are!

Koulkrith kicks off the results with a very cool build. Loving the build around the crystal and the long walls with passage-ways to the forest! Also, VERY neat round windows! Clever use of the special bricks.

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Okay, you didn't totally follow the "temple theme", Stenpett, you rebel you. BUT! That build is so cool and the video that came with it showcasing the destruction was awesome, so we couldn't not mention you!

Check out his forum post for the video! Very cool.

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Runner Up

In second place, DiscipleOfGaia! With a last minute entry, DOG (can we call you that, dawg?) really impressed us with a very traditional, classic take on the temple. Lacking a bit of the ruiny-feel, but it's definitely there with the missing pillars and holes in the walls. Pro-tip for you! Make your Bricktrons start breaking a brick, then interrupt them for that cool looking "cracked" brick. image
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The Winner!


Wow, man. That is a BREATHTAKING build! I'm completely flabbergasted. The complexity, the details, the patterns on the floor, the different buildings, it's just too awesome to comprehend. Seriously good job! Even better, check out his forum post to see what it looked like before he ruined it, literally!
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We received a lot of awesome builds for this one but couldn't feature them all, so check out the entries thread to admire the other submissions!

And that concludes our fifth edition of the Building Challenge! Do you have good ideas for what another challenge could be? Post on this thread!

Keep an eye out for the next challenge, coming soon! ;)
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  • EvaxMeorEvaxMeor Administrator Developer
    Congrats Maxwell!

    You guys rocks! I really love the see all the stuff you can make with our game! :D

    Thanks for the support!
  • DoeyIXDoeyIX Member
    Nice work everyone!
  • While I congratulate the winner (Maxwell deserved to win with that amazing ruin), I have to mention that my temple had an altar, several benches, and two clock towers. It could be argued that it was a church, but technically, a church is a type of temple... Regardless, I had fun building and destroying!

    Not that it makes any difference on the outcome. Thanks for the mention, and again, congratulations Maxwell!
  • MaxwellMaxwell Member
    Thank you guys,
    and like DoeyIX said: Nice work eveyone!
  • KoulkrithKoulkrith Member
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    Honorable mentions ? Whoooooo. Cool.

    Real nice Maxwell... I'm, simply speechless. And it's... huge.
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