Tunnel Task in 0.6

Ok. First off, I really like what you did with the Tunnel Task. It's way easier now to gather materials out of the ground, less time consuming to create it respectively. But what if I want to create a large room inside a mountain? ( for stockpiling)

Right now the new mechanic forces me to make indeed just tunnels without the possibility of creating rooms. I mean, most probably this is a design decision, but are you probably thinking of a way/function to make rooms in the same way as it is possible to create stairs ?



  • Hey!

    You're here now too! ;)

    Well, in this particular case, there's no "direct" way to use the tunnel task to rapidly build massive rooms inside a mountain. We gained flexibility with the new tunnel task but we lost that ability in the process.

    Evax tells me, that he creates a landscape task inside the mountain as a workaround.

  • Yip. I'm here! Breathing some life into this place, hah. :smile: Landscaping inside the mountain , you say?! Will give it a try. It doesn't feel right to me to place stockpiles all over the beautiful landscape, y'know.

    I just thought that when there are functions for stairs up and down that it also would be possible to add another function which makes it possible to create rooms. It was worth a try. :wink:
  • Duly noted my friend!

  • Well, ok. Evax tells me it would cause a collapse. That's why it was removed!
  • Ah. Well then. Honestly collapsing tunnels were usually a very demanding thing even before 0.6 ,heh. Landscaping then.
  • EvaxMeorEvaxMeor Administrator Developer
    edited February 2016
    You can do something like on the image ;) and it will work just fine!
  • That I wasn't thinking of this on my own... Ok, I have to admit I wasn't using the landscaping task yet. Thank you, guys!
  • EvaxMeorEvaxMeor Administrator Developer
    It's a pleasure!
  • I love what you guys done with tunnels, but really really hope we can get that room/wider tunnel mechanics back. I used to love building 6-10 wide tunnels and branch off of them..... i'll try what you suggested for the rooms though :)
  • Maybe have an object for inside of tunnels you can place? Somewhere you can link together that textures nearby walls into wood or stone, and allows you to place stockpiles? Or ARE stockpiles?
  • The problem is that u can not drag two tunnel lines right next to another.
    I do delete some parts of the blueprint to build new blueprints 2voxels right.
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