Guide for setting up a multiplayer server?

Is there some sort of guide for setting up and running a MP server? Thanks


  • EvaxMeorEvaxMeor Administrator Developer
    Hey there,

    Right now there is no dedicated server and you cannot start one, sorry about that.

    To start a multiplayer game it's pretty easy though. The host player will need to find is internet ip ( and need to share it to the other players. After that the host just need to host a game and the other players will write down the ip and they should be able to join.

    As an alternative you can use Evolve HQ (, it's a VPN software made for gaming and it's pretty easy to use and you don't need to share your internet ip.

    Hope it helps!

    Thanks for your support!
  • OradBaneOradBane Member
    edited February 2016
    Ok thanks, what is the CastleStories.exe used for? It seems like it starts up a server management interface or something.
  • EvaxMeorEvaxMeor Administrator Developer
    It's for the Legacy branch, for the old multiplayer :wink:
  • Lol just host a game and share your IP right?? How about the PORT??
  • EvaxMeorEvaxMeor Administrator Developer
    Normally the port will be forwarded automatically, if your router supports it. You can use Evolve HQ ( too, it's really easy to setup and you don't have to share your IP.

    Hope it helps

    Thanks for your support!
  • What if we don't want to enable uPnP? What ports?
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    Hey AndirNGS,

    By default, the port is 3000 UDP, however, after clicking host game, you'll be able to choose the port you want.

    Let me know if that works. :)
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