Building Challenge: THE RUINED TEMPLE!

Chisels and hammers at the ready! It's time for the fourth edition of our building challenge!

What's that?
The building challenge is a test of skill and creativity that invites you to take a crack at designing a specifically themed building for your Bricktrons to make!

Today's challenge: a ruined temple!
You may build the temple out of any resource you like, wherever you like! The idea, though, is that it looks ancient and ruined! Missing blocks, broken down walls, etc!

How to participate:
Easy peasy!

* Build a structure according to the theme proposed (Ruined temple).
* Share several screenshots of your build with at least 3 different angles and a minimum resolution of 1024 x 720. Check out this useful site: How to take a screenshot. Try taking some screenshots in daytime, if possible!
* Write "FINAL SUBMISSION" when you share the screenshots, so we know that's the one you'd like us to consider.
* Date limit: Monday, *May 23rd 2016 at 1:00 PM EST*!
* Post your submission right here, in this thread!

We're buckled up for your submissions and can't wait to be amazed, as always. :D


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