Building Challenge ideas!

Hey everyone!

As you know, we occasionally host a building challenge for the community to wow us with their awesome constructions. From what I've seen in these last builds, you guys are much, much more creative than me. Much. And that's okay, just don't tell my bosses, I like this job. (Nerf gunfight fridays, anyone?!)

But seriously! Do you guys have any sweet, original ideas for what the next building challenges could be? Post away, it's okay for this thread to turn into a big brainstorm. :grin:


  • HateMeHateMe Member
    This is a great idea... What about underground buildings? maybe it's too difficoult... By the way, it would be cool to make a map editor related challenge when it will be released! (I watched the streams, and it looks really awesome..)
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    I can pretty much guarantee there's going to be world editor related challenges! I can already imagine the badass title; World Forging Challenge! Or something. Okay, maybe I'm not that good with names.

    Even better, we might have something akin to winners' maps being officially packed with the game, maybe. Just juggling ideas!
  • How about a Story based build? I mean its called Castle STORY for a reason. ;)
  • Wen123Wen123 Member
    what about a simple house it looks simple but there something in the house like a tunnel to a secert base or something
  • KoulkrithKoulkrith Member
    edited May 2016
    Theme i propose ... "Magritte's this is not".

    - Do not represent a building.
    - Represent any real life object that the building is in fact... not.

    I really wonder what could come out of this...
  • DoeyIXDoeyIX Member
    Maybe one which people do in invasion, it would be interesting to see some people's strategies. Maybe you have to reach wave 10 and then take some screenshots then.
    Also maybe something where you post an image which people have to replicate in game (from a film or something?).
  • Here's an idea; Build a bridge!

    Apparently simple, deceptively hard...
  • Yup make bridge Please make it style as it is liked by the generation. Not a simple
  • Hope there will be new challenges :smile:

    How about copy of famous fortress, real or from films/books etc?
  • TreeToTheVoidTreeToTheVoid Member
    edited June 2017
    Cloud city.
    Make a city in the clouds composed of several platforms standing on columns or mountain tops and connected through the new floating bridges.
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