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Hello People of a great story I want to show you my Builds:

We start with the whole Castle:

Then we have the storage area with a lot of Iron and Crystals:

Also we have an altar where the Bricktrons can sacrifice something to thier gods I call it the Airplateau (airplatform):

To the altar we have also some kind of church where they can marry or prey to the gods:

There are also some huts for the Bricktrons (still work in progress)

The entrence is well defended (if there are people guarding it ^^'):

The Inside of 'the Wide Wall' how I call it, i thought it could be an entrance where new Bricktrons or Visitors could say: Wow what a cool looking entrance:

I also thought of a Blacksmith hut:

The Castle is also defended by some catapults:
This one is located 'on top of' the Blacksmith hut.

and this one is beside the Church.

Now the only defender (yet) guarding on a Wall:

At least the view from the altar to the Castle before you get pushed of the edge and get sacreficed to the gods (this is Mont-Royale):

Hope you like it ^^



  • EvaxMeorEvaxMeor Administrator Developer
    It's really nice! :D I really like your little houses and the way you did the rampart of your castle!

    Great job!

    Thanks to share!
  • @EvaxMeor Thank you :)
  • ShatojonShatojon Administrator Developer Backer Wiki Editor
    That's an awesome build, Creaperbox.

    I'm probably going to snag a couple of these screenshots for our announcement banners. :P

    Really good stuff!
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